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Good order is the foundation of all good things.

Edmund Burke

The Edmund Burke Institute, commonly known as the EBI, is an educational charity dedicated to highlighting the benefits of market led policies and to promoting the civic and cultural values that allow those markets to function.

The EBI is independent, non-partisan, and funded entirely through the private donations of individuals and organisations. The EBI does not receive, nor would we accept, any funding from organisations tied to either the Irish government or the EU

Our Policies

In short, we believe that:

Any worker making the average industrial wage should be able to afford to buy a house.

Regulations are driven up the cost of building homes and have destroyed the dream …

Nanny statism is undemocratic and infantilising.

There are public health risks so severe that the government has a legitimate duty to intervene in the lives of …

Evidence based drug reform is needed.

The current system has clearly failed, but too many proponents of change in the legal status of recreational drugs are ideologically …

Free speech is increasingly unfashionable, but increasingly vital.

Free speech is a fundamental value of a free society and any attempt to undermine or limit it should be ….

Inheritance tax needs to go.

You work your entire adult life, and you’ll pay taxes on everything you earn, but the government is….

The personal tax rate of 52% is unjustifiable.

It is wrong, morally, ethically, and fiscally, for the state to ever claim more than 50% of a….