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Well said Alistair!

We, at the E.B.I, were right not to become too deeply involved in the Scottish referendum. Scoth tape, and plenty of it, was the best policy for us. We are, after all, an educational charity. Nevertheless our thought that we should at least notice what was going on the the North and East of us was sound.

The remarkable thing about the referendum was the high turnout of voters- higher even than that recorded in the British General Elections of the early fifties  when the organisation of the both the Conservative and Labour  Parties reached into the remotest corners of Britian. No doubt the social media played a  part in getting younger Scots to vote. But campaigners on both sides must have been furiously busy stuffing envelopes, knocking on doors, handing out leaflets, arranging postal votes, and driving voters to the polls. Quite properly the “Better Togther” website acknowldged this by carrying an eloquent expression of gratitude by Alistair Darling. However the “Yes Scotland” web site, which had obviously been abandoned as soon as the result of the vote became clear, carried no equivalent message.

I, for one, find it deplorable that neither Mr. Salmond or any of his acolytes should have felt moved to thank those who had worked so hard for Scottish independence on the website which played so important a part in their campaign. Even in defeat, and especially when, as in this instance, so many young people were involved, politicians should surely take every opportunity of thanking those who do so much for so little reward!